"ProSteamerCarpetCleaner did a superb job in cleaning my carpet, sewing new fringes on and measuring the padding just right. Stains I thought would never come out are no longer there."
"I was impressed with the service from the first phone call through to the carpet being cleaned."
Pet Odor Removal Chicago


Pet stains and odor removal is not something easy to do on your own. Whether the odors are from pets or other sources such as cigarette smoke or food cooking, the smells can often get absorbed by fabrics, carpets, even walls, to make it very uncomfortable and unhygienic. Pro Steamer Carpet Cleaner is a professional cleaning company that will come to your place of residence and take care of the problem fast and efficiently. Using environmentally friendly deodorizers and ventilation equipment, we will make your place odor free and smelling clean. Pet odor removal is our area of expertise. Allow Pro Steamer Carpet Cleaner to make your stain problems disappear.

Call us today at 773-910-0065 to have your carpets and upholstery free of pet odor again.