"ProSteamerCarpetCleaner did a superb job in cleaning my carpet, sewing new fringes on and measuring the padding just right. Stains I thought would never come out are no longer there."
"I was impressed with the service from the first phone call through to the carpet being cleaned."
Carpet installation Chicago


Pro Steamer Carpet Cleaner provides professional carpet installation and replacement services in Chicago area and surrounding suburbs.
Our carpet installers have years of expierence installing various types of carpet.
Before installation Pro Steamer`s Carpet installation Chicago team will come to your house and evaluate the area. We will measure the room, check for squeaks, install tack strips where needed, lay out carpet cushion, roll out the carpet and make sure it fits correctly. After the job is done we will vacuum the room and walk through the area to make sure that everything is done perfectly.
Our carpet installation Chicago crew works fast, and if there are no unforeseen setbacks, your carpet will be installed in just 1 day. In most cases, the process can take several days if you also include the time it takes to find and have the materials brought to your home for the installation. If the job is very large or difficult, like including old flooring that needs to be removed, the job can take as long as a week. Whatever the case, rest assured that your carpet installation Chicago job will get done right the first time and your complete satisfaction is our goal

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