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Air Duct Cleaning Chicago


Air ducts are meant for exhausting the bad air and particles from your room to the outer open area but ever wondered that what if this cleaner is actually spreading the dirt making the air unhealthier? This sentence holds truth. The air duct cleaner is exposed to the outer open area where it invites all the dirt, dust and waste. This contributes in making the air inside the room unhealthy because dirt never kills dirt!
Why it is necessary to get the Air Duct Cleaning Services?

  1. Mold growth: The ducts can be visibly seen to have acquired the mold growth. Due to this the passage of cleaning the air gets interrupted and the air becomes dirty.
  2. Pest infusion: The duct opens up in the garden area or on a height in the air from where pests such as mice, insects, rats or birds or their remains infest the portions of the duct affecting its quality.
  3. Accumulation of dust and debris: The dust and dirt accumulated on the surface of the duct cleaner moves inside the room along with the clean air sucked out. Due to this the place gets the flashes of dirt in the air.

Due to these reasons the air becomes unhealthy and also allergic. Those who suffer from dust allergy are expected to have sneezing and cold functions due to unclean air.

There are some factors which call for a must need to get your air ducts cleaned. Here are few of them:

  1. If you have smokers in your house then it is must to get your air ducts cleaned frequently. This is because the smoke can unclean the environment and therefore a cleaner which actually do not clean the air will leave the smoking smell choking the airs.
  2. If you are nurturing pets at your house then air ducts should continue function properly. The pets shed high amount of hairs and dander in the residing area which can make the surrounding environment infectious.
  3. Due to frequent rains in the dry season water clogging may be one of the factor pestering you. If you have been a victim of this and due to water the duct pipes have been choked then it is the time to call a professional cleaner.
  4. If you have undertaken any sort of renovation or remodeling of your place then to extract the foul smell of paints or wood rubbing and polishing you need a well conditioned duct cleaner. And if for any sort the duct is not functioning well then it can lead you to spend time in a beautiful house with an unfriendly smell.
  5. If you are shifting to a newly built fully furnished house then also it is advised to make sure that there is no fault in the air duct cleaner. This is because shifting the goods to a new place invites a lot of dust factor which can be removed only by way of proper duct cleaning.
  6. The asthma patients or people suffering from breathing problems must get a clean purified air. This is because the contaminated air can increase there illness and make them more allergic frequently leading to serious repercussions. So if you have some of these patients at your place then give them a clean environment as much as possible to keep them healthy.


What can pollute the indoor air?

  1. Use of Combustible devices: If you make use of any combustion devices at your home then it can pollute the indoor air. The combustible furnace or a stove or a natural gas or oil furnace along with the gas stoves, wood burning stoves and heaters are all contributors of making the air unclean. This is why it is important to have air duct cleaning.
  2. Things consisting of Volatile Organic Compound: The things which consist of VOC are the paints, polishes, wax, pesticides and the chemical cleaners. Also the floor coverings, furniture, room refreshers and dry cleaned clothing have been iodized with the VOC. Their smell infuses with the air particles and creates a sensation of deep spread smell in the air making breathing harder.
  3. Mold & Radon: Due to moistness and darkness in the room the molds get growing. These can irritate the nose and throat giving cold and choked throats. On the other hand radon refers to degradation of uranium present in the soil and stone which have been laid down in the foundation of the stone. This byproduct becomes the reason of breathing problem and can develop into lung cancer in the long run.

Along with the reasons mentioned above the smoke and the pests also contribute in polluting the inner environment. These reasons raise the need of getting the air ducts cleaned properly and timely. The procedure of its cleaning is not so long and cumbersome and therefore it is advised to get it done regularly.

Here is a look at its simple steps to guide you the role of the cleaner while carrying out the cleaning activity. Make sure that the attendant listens to the cleaner carefully because it can give you the reason of contamination of the air.

Step 1: When you book for an appointment with the Pro Steamer for an air duct cleaning our technician will come to your place on the assigned date. On his arrival he will take a note of the cleaning services desired by you and will make you acquaint with the need to get it done along with the brochures describing the ill effects if it is not undertaken timely. After analyzing the requirements and the activity to be performed the process of cleaning gets started.
Step 2: The technician will make sure that the areas which can get affected in the cleaning process are properly covered with the protective clothes or polythene material to make sure that any of your interior is not stained in this process. Because this cleaning process is done with the help of compressed air thrown at a very high speed and that is why the return vent is sealed properly which have its edge in the indoor area.
Step 3: Now with the help of specialized equipments and long vacuum cleaners the ducts are cleaned taking all the dirt from the main trunk line to the outer area where all dirt is being collected.
Step 4: During the time the vacuum cleaner is working, the representative will insert the compressed air hose to make sure that the dirt is loosening its hold from the walls and the surface and pushes it to the vacuum sinking it.
Step 5: After this cleaning is done the hole made is sealed using the galvanized tape or sheet and affixed with the screw to strengthen its roots. The hole made to insert the air hose is filled up in the end with the help of a plug. This leads to completion of the process and then you can review the work of a professional and give your feedback along with the genuine payment.
This process cleans the air duct as well as carries out the vent cleaning.

You can find variety of air duct cleaning service providers online who can provide an easy and effective door service of cleaning the air vents. The cleaners do not only clean the ducts but they also look for a reason of cleaning. Because every sort of defect calls for a unique way of cleaning that is why if the reason is mold growth then the process of cleaning it will be slightly different from the way adopted if the reason is water clogging. This is how a customer can be fully aware of the services he is getting. After carrying out thorough inspection of the surface of the duct with the help of small camera or flashlights the power at which vacuum cleaners should operate is decided. The whole process is carried out within the norms and guidelines of air cleaning associations.
You can experience the change in air after the process is done because the oxidants get charged to provide clean air by functioning properly. In a country where the humidity and precipitation is there round the clock this service calls for its requirement. Therefore air duct cleaning Chicago has made it possible to sense clean air for a whole year irrespective of the weather outside.

So the conclusion is that people are not even aware that what role is being played by their air ducts. They keep you and your family away from many sorts of diseases that can be result of contaminated air. As mentioned that apart from eliminating the common air pollutants it can also serve as a protector from cancer diseases due to uranium. The duct cleaning Chicago has proved that the weather can no longer be excuse of getting ill due to air. So make sure that you get your protector cleaned regularly by professionals. Choose among the top players in this market because nothing costs more than the health of you and your family.

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